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In F8 Facebook Developer Conference in Francisco on 25th March, Facebook has introduced a new feature in its Messenger app that allows you to send friends content like music, photos and videos from other apps in between conversation. Developers can build can build their apps based on Messenger Platform making a direct way to be accessible from within the Facebook Messenger app.Facebook already have more than 40 developers onboard,who have created apps with Messenger support and are already available in the App Store.
Apps can be accessed from the Facebook Messenger app when the “More” icon is tapped within a conversation. This opens up a list of available apps that can be installed, and when tapping install, you’ll be taken to the app’s install page in app store and then install it from there. Apps are installed seprately, but those that support the Messenger Platform will send their content via Messenger. For example, if you install GIF app Giphy on your phone and tapping it from within the Messenger app will make the Giphy app to let you choose and send a GIF and once you tap to send a GIF to one of them, you will be returned to the Messenger app, from there, you can continue on the conversation.













There are huge number of apps that support Messenger Platform and this number is to grow frequently. Apps that support Messenger Platform includes Giphy, bitmoji, ClipDis, Giphy, Bitmoji, ESPN, Camoji, Talking Tom, and Emu. and more. All these have been specially developed for use with the Facebook Messenger app.Most of the apps have been developed by third parties, while Facebook has also released its own apps for Messenger, like Stickered, Selfied, and Shout. People didn’t liked for Facebook removing messages access from the main Facebook app and forcing users to download Facebook Messenger, but after this update the change is expected in public opinion and users who have been reluctant to download the Messenger app might give it a try.

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Facebook Messenger Platform

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