Flipkart has pulled out of Airtel Zero after Net Neutrality Protests!!


Telecom Companies operating in India have gone CRAZYY…..”ABOUT THE IDEA OF NET NEUTRALITY”.
But our favourite e-commerce company FLIPKART has now begun to think other way around.Due to the mass protest accross the whole country against anti-net neutrality for them it would be like cutting branch of the tree on which they are expanding.Earlier, net neutrality supporters down-voted the e-commerce store’s app on Google Play. Over 3 lakh people across the nation have emailed India’s telecom regulator, Trai, to share their views on net neutrality via SaveTheInternet.in, a website setup by a group working to spread awareness about net neutrality in India.
All India Bakchod,a.k.a AIB the famous comedy channel of India on youtube released a video regarding the importance of net neutrality in India, and why people need to come forward to support this cause. The video went viral and in less than two days, the video got nearly a million views.And one interesting fact is that it was shared so much on social media sites like Facebook,twitter,linkedin,shareit etc.. that it was mistaken for spam by the social network’s algorithms and removed, before being re-instated.

Shubham Tomar
I believe that knowledge is a spear that can pierce through any wall be it a wall of concrete or a wall of ignorance

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Flipkart has pulled out of Airtel Zero after Net Neutrality Protests!!

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