Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V finally arrived on PC this week.The PC version of GTA V includes a tons of visual and technical upgrades over the console versions.The game looks stunning in 4K. Stuff like denser traffic,increased draw distance,a new foliage system, enhanced weather effects, been looking stunning and looks real. Rockstar Editor allows players to record, create, and publish video clips of their open world shenanigans. GTA V is also getting strong support from Nvidia and AMD, with SLI and CrossFire supported out of the gate (although CrossFire exhibits noticeable stuttering during benchmarks), and Nvidia’s “Percentage-Closer Soft Shadows” tech. Rockstar has also implemented a huge number of graphics quality settings allowing you to tweak to your heart’s content. Best of all, a meter tracks estimated Video RAM usage as you cycle through various settings. Beyond helping you simply find the sweet spot between framerate and graphical fidelity, it’s a minor teaching tool that illustrates which properties have the strongest impact on your VRAM. For example, Population Variety and Anti-aliasing. If you’re struggling to hit your desired framerate,reduce these first, as well as Tessellation.

Here Is GTA V “High Quality” BenchMark Results


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