Instagram’s New Update

Cheer Up all the instagram lovers I am about to give you a news which will make you really happy.Our beloved Instagram has now released an update which allows users to upload landscape and portrait photos and videos.

We all love instagram very much but still until now there were very few options available while uploading photos on Instagrambut finally now in its latest update available on both iOS and Android platforms this aplication will allow users to show off an entire photo even if it’s not square-shaped.

So finally no more square photos…

On thursday Instagram announced the dimensions which will be acceptable from now on and they announced that any image of the dimensions between 1.91:1 and 4:5 will be accepted easily.

If any pic uploaded by you is not up to your expectations so now you can readily change the way it appears and make it suitable.All you have to do is tap on the format icon which is visible at the bottom left corner of the image.

The best feature of the newest Instagram update is that it allows photos with various shapes and these will not interfere with the appearance of your post.Instagram said that a post will look like a center-cropped square but when clicked, the photo will show in the shape that you have chosen.

Earlier a lot of people had a common problem on posting photos on Instagram and it was that they were able to post only square photos. And they had to install third party apps that gave them the choice of posting non-square pics such as Cropic.

20 percent of all photos posted on the instagram are non-square so it must be frustating to the users that they have to install another app just to let them post their photos in portrait and landscape.

The app’s newest update will also enable users to perform more personalization of their videos. In the past, the app uses different filters for videos and photos posted but the latest update will use the same filters for videos and photos.The intensity of the filters can also be adjusted, Instagram added.

Shubham Tomar
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Instagram’s New Update

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