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Ozone Networks leading free WiFi Provider, has launched a new app called “Ozone connect” which will allow the CellPhones users to detect and connect automatically to any of their free Wi-Fi hotspots. Ozone says that the new app is aimed at bringing easy internet access to a large number of mobile phone users. The Ozone Connect app is currently available only on Android, and can be downloaded for free.

Ozone hopes to increase the number of its Wi-Fi users in India, the Economic Times reports.

The app will show free WiFi zones in an area and prompt users to connect. Users will be able to access free internet for the first 30 minutes after that you can pick up data packages according to your choice starting from Rs 30 upwards. Users will have to do a one-time registration procedure on the app, followed by an SMS authentication. After the registration is complete, users will be notified of all free Wi-Fi hotspots, and can use them on the go. And manual log-ins every time will not be required for users to access high-speed Wi-Fi at all of the Ozone locations.

“The app will make public Wi-Fi ubiquitous and seamless for customers and manual log-ins every time will not be required any more to access high-speed Wi-Fi at all our locations,” as said by Pallab Mitra, chief operating officer at Ozone Networks.

As part of the partnership with Google users will get free access to Google+ through any of the O-Zone Networks wi-fi hotspots all across the country. Users will also get a chance to surf YouTube to watch videos, exclusive movie clips and promotions for 10 minutes each week at no extra charge.This offer will run for an initial period of three months, but for further usage of any other websites can only be accessed by paying for it.

Sanjeev Sarin, CEO, Ozone Networks said, “With India being the fastest growing Internet market in the world, people are very conscious of the content they view online. This will enable them to enjoy Google+ and YouTube free of cost at any of our hotspots.”

Ozone says that they provide free Wi-Fi to over 100,000 locations across the country, and is available at all major airports, including leisure joints like McDonald’s, Haldirams etc. This initiative will help users save on precious data, while increase the time spend on Internet.

Other big telecom players like Vodafone and Tata Telecom have set up public Wi-Fi zones in Delhi’s Khan Market and Connaught Place areas.

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Ozone Free WiFi

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