The Rise of The ‘Planet of the Apps!’

The much awaited Apple’s first foray into the television world debuted yesterday. Ever since its conception, each and every move by Apple is observed by the whole world. This latest venture was no stranger to the attention it received even before its very first episode.

The judging panel includes familiar faces like- Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Gary Vaynerchuk, although the same could not be said about the in-house host Zane Lowe. The show follows a very simple rule where the developers have to advertise their idea to the celebrity judges.

The 50-minute episode involves people touting up for 60 seconds about their applications to the judges. The app makers have to use an elevator pitch- a slowing moving escalator for their idea. Judges have to vote then to decide if they’d like to see more of it in detail; if any of the judges like the concept, then that will be taken to the next round to decide if they’d like to mentor the company for a chance to gain funding at the end of the show.

The series is set to be about 10 episodes, releasing on a weekly basis. The first episode will be available free for anyone to stream but the subsequent releases will only be limited to Apple Music Subscribers.

In an interview, Apple’s Eddy Cue made the following statement- “The question when you have ideas is how to take those to fruition, Sometimes you may not know how you might be afraid of what’s involved. This really shows how that’s possible.”

The Company officials are very much confident about it as the show has already managed to gain the much-needed publicity. Kicking off its WWDC conference on Monday, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said Apple Music now has 27 million subscribers — ergo, plenty of room for more growth there.


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The Rise of The ‘Planet of the Apps!’

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