New iPad Pro 10.5 – Buy in India

After the release of the new iPad Pro, it’s been quite a hassle for we Indians to get our hands on one.

The iPad Pro line of Apple tablets has been the best performing tablets ever since the early release. This year Appple launched the new iPad Pro 10.5 and 12.5 with bumped up specs with top of the line processor (A10X Fusion chip with 64-bit desktop-class architecture) and comparatively has lesser footprint than its previous versions. The major improvement was the display ofcourse, which now has upgraded to IPS LCD display with whopping 120MHz refresh rate, rather than 60MHz as in the older version. As a result, much less input lag which is of greater advantage for designers who use Apple Pencil. The tablets include similar camera as that of an iPhone 7, so you wont be regretting shooting pictures with this big of a device. And don’t you ever forget about the new iOS 11, damn! it’s one hell of a must buy.



Finally, we have spotted a link from where you can order one for yourself. Make sure to be early before it runs out of stock.

Link: iPad Pro 10.5 64GB WiFi only variant –

We’ll keep you posted as the other variants gets listed. Make sure to keep in check here at

Aneesh Tigga
Aneesh has a thing for Technologies and Games. He is passionate tech reviewer, creative designer, gamer for life and loves coffee.

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New iPad Pro 10.5 – Buy in India

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