C Programming Language

What is C-language ?

As we all know that language is an essential part of our lives and without it many things which seem easy will become very difficult to convey.As we need a language to communicate to other persons similarly we need languages to convey our messages to a computer machine.
Now as a computer can only understand machine language or we may call it as binary language i.e language which uses only 1 and 0,so in order to convey our messages or request to the machine we need to either use the binary language which would be a very hectic task for a human being or we can use the certain special languages designed to ease up our task.These special languages are known as High level Languages and the language C is one of them.

Why learn the C language ?

The C language is like latin-it is finite and has not changed for years.C is tight and spare,and in the current economic climate we will need a host of young people who know C to keep existing critical systems running.
A knowledge of C is now and has been for years a pre-requisite for serious software professionals and with the recent popularity and maturity of Open Systems thia is even more true.The terseness and perceived difficulty of C saw it being ouated from university teaching during the late 1990s in favour of java but there ia a growing feeling amongst some teaching commubities that java really is not such a good place to start beginners.
A knowledge of c will give you deep knowledge if what is going on beneath the surface of higher languages like java.The syntax of C pretty-well guartantees you will easily understand other languages that came afterwards like C++,java,javascrit and C#.

Shubham Tomar
I believe that knowledge is a spear that can pierce through any wall be it a wall of concrete or a wall of ignorance

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C Programming Language

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