Microsoft announces The Surface Pro 4, Starting at $899

Microsoft has added yet another member to its flagship “Surface” and this time its Surface Pro 4. While the Surface Pro 2 was marketed as a tablet that could do more than other tablets (particularly Apple’s iPad), Microsoft switched tact to try and make the Surface Pro 3 an all-out MacBook Air killer. And just like its earlier descendents from Surface series,Surface Pro 4 is all set-out to challenge all its rivals in the market but this time its not about just Apple.This time the competitors include Apple’s new iPad Pro, Lenovo’s Miix 700, and Dell’s rumored new XPS 12 so the going would not be that easy.

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But Surface Pro 4 might have an edge over others as it is more promising and feature loaded than ever before.SO lets look at its specs and features….

Look-wise it is pretty similar to Surface 3 but is thinner at 8.4mm and have a 12.3 inch display.The display uses PixelGlasses technology with the thinnest optical stack on a screen that hav 5 million pixels with over 267-ppi and supports 1024 levels of pressure with the new pen that attaches magnetically to the device.Click and hold the eraser button on the top and you’ll activate Cortana, the Windows digital assistant. It comes with an extremely thin 0.4mm Gorilla Glass 4 screen cover glass and the battery is claimed to last a full year.

The trackpad is 40-percent larger and the keyboard has been upgraded with more space between the keys and better travel at 1.3mm.The backlit keyboard cover also has a 40% larger glass precision trackpad with 5-point multitouch, and an optional fingerprint sensor that’s compatible with Windows Hello’s one-touch login system.

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Biggest upgrade is in the new processors, part of Intel’s sixth generation of Core chips, also known by the codename Skylake. These processors offer improved performance and battery life, and in the case of the Surface Pro 4, it’s an especially important upgrade as the Surface Pro 3 was already two CPU generations behind.The new processor makes it 30% faster than the Surface Pro 3, and up to 50% faster than Apple’s MacBook Air.

The new Surface Pro 4 also includes two cameras: a front-facing 5-megapixel camera with Windows Hello facial recognition, and an 8-megapixel rear camera.It uses Microsoft Hello,so you can log in to your computer with your face and other biometric input including the fingerprint scanner found on the keyboard using your front camera.

say hello to "HELLO"
say hello to “HELLO”

Other than the normal Ports,Microsoft will offer an optional docking station with four USB 3.0 ports, two 4K-capable DisplayPorts, and an Ethernet jack that can all be added to the tablet using a single USB-C cable. The preorders starts on october 7th and it will be available from october 26.


Surface 4 announced!!
Surface 4 announced!!

Microsoft announces The Surface Pro 4, Starting at $899

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