Windows Insider Build 16215

The latest sensation in the technology world is our very own Windows Insider Build 16215.  On Saturday, Microsoft released the latest version of its upcoming ‘Fall Creators Update’, that is to be released later this year. A number of improvements have been made incorporated. And tons of new feature have been added. Microsoft’s blog post has listed a dozen of changes. Let us look into it a little more minutely.

  1. A new UI for Start and Action Centre.
    As they call it, ‘Fluent Design’:  a reworking of the user interface to emphasize transparency.Also known as Acrylic, this has been added to Start Menu and Action Centre Notifications, which provide much clearer information separation and hierarchy.Smoother transition to tablet mode.

    The resizing can be done horizontally, vertically and even diagonally.

  2. Full-Screen mode and pinned sites and annotated ePUBs

    Yep, you read it right. The sites can now be directly pinned to the taskbar from Microsoft Edge. You just need to select “Pin this page to the taskbar” from the settings menu in Microsoft Edge.
    You can go into full-screen mode by pressing F11 or choose the new Full-Screen icon in the Settings menu to take your websites full-screen.

    You can now annotate ePUB books in Edge with highlighting in four colors, underlining, and ability to add comments. You can also add a note to select text.
  3. A new and improved Cortana

    The new Cortana will now prompt you to create a reminder when she notices event posters in your camera roll. It can read texts inside your pictures! A pre-requisite is that you must be signed into Cortana with your MSA or work account, and then give Cortana permission to access your camera roll via Settings > Cortana > Permissions & history > “Manage the information Cortana can access from this device”.
  4. Evolved Handwriting!

    This new build Microsoft introduces us to a whole new world of gestures, easier editing, emoji, and more!
    The text you write will be converted to typed text within the handwriting panel, once you fill in the panel, lift up the pen and you’ll be given room to continue your writing. Other features include- selecting texts for editing, making corrections within the handwriting panel by overwriting converted text, making corrections using ink gestures.
  5. Emoji Shortcuts

    So now we have this shortcut to open the emoticon panel, you can now type WIN + the period or semicolon key to launch a new emoji panel—just like on your mobile phone!
  6. Have you seen my Pen?

    They still haven’t done anything about the magnetic clasp holding the pen to the tablet inconvenience. They have added a new development, while your Pen doesn’t have a GPS inside it, Windows will now keep track of the last location you inked from.
  7. Smarter detection of photos, movies, videos
    Windows will now intelligently scan your hard drive for relevant media folders that you might want to include but will ask you first just in case you do not want something to be taken in. Also, if you forgot some media files while performing the cut-paste, the media apps will automatically unearth them all.
  8. HDR Support
    If you are one of the lucky ones who have an HDR monitor, this one’s for you- you can now go to Settings > System > Display > HDR and advanced color settings to see more information about your monitor. And if you then visit Settings > Personalization > Video Playback, Windows will provide you with additional controls.
  9. Voice Dictation
    This is definitely a huge development. A new dictation microphone icon will let you dictate text that will be transcribed by Windows 10. You can also type WIN+H to enter dictation mode.
  10. Improvements in Microsoft Edge
    Microsoft Edge’s splash page (seen when newly launched) so that the color transitions more smoothly to the Start and New Tab pages.You will now be able to close the Microsoft Edge app directly using the close button, even when a JavaScript dialog is showing.An option to “Add tabs to favorites” from the right-click context menu on tabs has been added. Using it will create a Favorites folder with all the sites open in tabs in the current window.

    New tabs will now animate more smoothly onto the tab bar when opened and closed.

  11. Touch Keyboard improvements

    You have always wondered if the touch keyboard were as easy and user-friendly as our mobile phones’. Well, here’s a treat, this build has taken touch keyboard experience to a whole new level. Following features have been added- text prediction, one-handed touch keyboard, shape writing with the one-handed touch keyboard and much more.

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Windows Insider Build 16215

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