Xbox One X – Microsoft’s ‘Project Scorpio’

Microsoft is the first of the big three console makers to host its annual product keynote. The biggest reveal of the company’s showcase — and potentially of this year’s E3 as a whole — is undoubtedly the much-hyped “Project Scorpio,” a beefed-up Xbox One that Microsoft simply won’t stop calling “the world’s most powerful console.” It’s called Xbox One X, and here it is.


Microsoft dove right into the Xbox One X announcement, listing a whole bunch of fancy features like support for HDR, wide color gamut, 4K Blu-ray HD playback, and full compatibility with the Xbox One game library. For games released for the standard Xbox One, the Xbox One X will make them run smoother and, in theory, better looking, using supersampling and additional levels of antialiasing.

The Xbox One X has what Microsoft describes as “the fastest, most advanced processor” ever to grace a game console. The company also touted its build quality and hardware features, including a “liquid-cooled vapor chamber” to keep the CPU from catching a fever.

In terms of design, the X is actually pretty tiny. In fact, it’s the smallest Xbox yet, which is impressive when you consider how huge the Xbox One is.

The console will debut on November 7th and is priced at $499.

The video, shared by GameSpot, shows all the bits and pieces that make the Xbox One X what it is. You’ve got the case, sizable case fan, internal power supply, 4k-capable Blu-ray disc drive, and of course the motherboard. There’s also some nice heat shielding and various other bolt-ons. Given that the Xbox One X is the smallest Xbox the company has ever produced, it’s pretty cool that Microsoft took the time to provide a look at the guts — well in advance of the product launch and eventual iFixit teardown.

The original Xbox One was a massive beast, and many fans and analysts chalked up its huge footprint to Microsoft being overly cautious so as not to repeat the infamous overheating and Red Ring of Death scenario that plagued the Xbox 360. Now it seems that, if the company really was playing it super safe with the design of the original One, it has since regained its comfort level with sleek, compact designs. The Xbox One X will launch later this year.

This year has seen 2 major announcements by Microsoft on its gaming front – first came Xbox Game Pass, a Netflix-style game subscription service. Then, this week, the company unveiled it’s Xbox One X gaming console at E3.

Many hoped that Xbox Game Pass would come packaged with new Xbox consoles, as it gives new gamers to the Xbox platform a whole host of games to get stuck into – meaning, a new console comes with a bunch of games, no need to go and buy games separately right away.

Luckily, Microsoft believes this to be the right direction, too. It’s Microsoft Store listing for the Xbox One X now shows that it will come with a 1-month Xbox Game Pass subscription, in addition to the always-expected 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial.

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Xbox One X – Microsoft’s ‘Project Scorpio’

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