Finally Facebook provides its users with a lot more option than just “Like” Button

Facebook recently said that it is preparing to implement a new feature that would allow users to reply to posts with more than just a “Like” option.The users will now be able to express their “reactions” also using a range of emoticons.The new “reactions” will let users express love, laughter,happiness, shock, sadness and anger.The site Engadget ES on Thursday published a range of emoticons which Facebook will be adding to Facebook’s standard thumbs-up Like button.Facebook plans on making this feature available to users in Spain and Ireland first as it wants to test this feature first, before making it available for the whole world to use, the feature will available to users of Facebook in Spain and Ireland as early as Friday.

Facebook Emoticons

Last Month at a public Q&A session Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, announced that the site had already begun working on the new feature for users to express their reactions beyond the “Like” button. The set of reactions does not include the “Dislike”(Thumbs Down) button which was expected by a lot of users but instead of the dislike button it does provide an angry and sad smiley faces.It also include smiling face,heart,shocked face,and a laughing face.

It will work by either hovering or long-pressing the Like button and selecting the relevant emotion that you want to put in your message.Then as usual you will be able to see how many likes,love,smiling face,shocked face or laughing faces you have scored.
Mark Zuckerberg recently uploaded a video on facebook regarding this new feature being added to facebook

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Finally Facebook provides its users with a lot more option than just “Like” Button

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