India has a decent 4G LTE coverage, but the speeds are unacceptable


After conducting 17 billion measurements by 500,687 OpenSignal 4G smartphone users between July 1 and Sept. 30 , India stands at the 15th place in the global 4G availability list recently The OpenSignal’s State of LTE report states that today India has 81.6 % LTE coverage, after having climbed up from 71.6 % in the and the 24th position from the last quarter.

Out of the 75 countries which participated in the report, Singapore won the speed crown, averaging with download connections of 45.9 Mbps. South Korea inched ahead of its neighbor Japan in 4G availability since users there could connect to an LTE network an astounding 95.7 % of the time, making the 4G service as pervasive as 3G in the same country. The highlights of the report suggest that speed doesn’t necessarily mean consistency and countries with a high score in one category didn’t imply a high score in the other as well. Globally, the average 4G speeds happen to be 17.4 Mbps.



Reliance Jio has been the major factor explaining the sudden rise in India’s rankings. The report quoted “most of that improvement can be attributed to a single operator: Reliance Jio. In our most recent India report, we measured Jio’s availability at more than 90%, while the other major operators all fell below 60%  in our tests. “ Even though India may have no dearth for signals, it still has a shortage of capacity. India’s average LTE speed is 5.14 Mbps and is standing on the 74th position in the list, which is second last. The only country below us is Costa Rica.

OpenSignal has quoted “The global LTE landscape is a quickly evolving one. We’re seeing the first LTE networks debut in many developing countries in Africa and Asia, and we’re seeing developed countries upgrade their networks to support more users and ever faster speeds. By the time our next Global LTE report comes out, we could see many new countries appear in our LTE map, while in many entrenched 4G countries we could see LTE speeds pushing beyond 50 Mbps.”


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India has a decent 4G LTE coverage, but the speeds are unacceptable

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