Kickass Torrents Is Back Online

Just a few days back one of the most popular torrents site Kickass Torrents was shutdown after its alleged owner and founder Artem Vaulin aka Tirm was arrested by The Homeland Security department and seized KAT’s domains. It didn’t take long for the website to resurface as other online pirates rushed in to fill the void.

After the original site was down, its two mirror site were still on. One was by created by a member of torrent site isoHunt although it is a limited version of original site as it only offers files uploaded in the past year or so. It’s also missing popular features like the user forum and support.

But the other offers a better version of the original site. The anonymous creators of the site told The Verge that they plan to offer the full database, including all media files, old comments and other user info. And they are also going to offer better version of the site for mobile users.

Well all this has made quite clear that Torrents Sites aren’t going down anytime soon.

Ayush Chandel
A tech enthusiastic,developer and blogger who loves to write about technology and help bridge the gap between techies and mainstream readers. Always ready to suggest people on technology and especially the web development. He's also the Founder of this site and just hate Taylor Swift.

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Kickass Torrents Is Back Online

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