Pokémon Go Just Broke iPhone App Store Record

Pokemon Go has become the most downloaded mobile app in its first week of release in the history of the App Store. It’s been ruling the App Store since its release earlier this month and has dethroned every other app in Apple’s top free and top grossing charts in the store which includes biggies like Game of War, Candy Crush Saga, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat.

Although the exact number of downloads is still unknown but as Techcrunch reported, Apple confirmed Friday that “the game has set a new App Store record with more downloads in its first week than any other app in history”. These numbers are even more impressive when considering that Pokémon Go was rolled out gradually across the world, and has only just been released in Japan, the game’s nation of origin. The app was released on July 5th in Australia and New Zealand and a day later in the US and yesterday in Japan.

Apple will benefit alot from Pokemon Go, as financial firm Needham reported this week that the game could add $3 billion to Apple’s sales over the next 1-2 years. The firm estimated that two-third of all Pokemon Go downloads are for iOS devices and that a whopping 80 percent of in-app purchases are happening on iPhones and iPads. Apple, of course, gets the standard 30 percent cut. According to mobile analytics firm SuperData Research, Pokémon Go may have earned as much as $14 million by July 11th, putting its daily revenue at about $2 million in the first week alone.

It will be pretty interesting to see the responses and the rise in number after its launch in other Asian and European countries.

Ayush Chandel
A tech enthusiastic,developer and blogger who loves to write about technology and help bridge the gap between techies and mainstream readers. Always ready to suggest people on technology and especially the web development. He's also the Founder of this site and just hate Taylor Swift.

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Pokémon Go Just Broke iPhone App Store Record

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