Tata joins hand with Alibaba!!

The Togetherness of TATA and ALIBABA!

Tata Communications inked a deal with Alibaba Cloud to enable customers from India to connect to the latter’s ‘Express Connect’ platform.

The “IZO” cloud enablement platform empowers enterprises connect and build their cloud, their way – be it private, public or hybrid.

Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive cloud computing products in computing, database management, networking, security and storage that can be deployed globally.

“The partnership will assist both of us to become digital transformation partners for our customers, empowering them to expand to new geographies, boost productivity and safeguard their businesses against threats,” added Genius Wong, President, Global Network, Cloud and Data Centre Services at Tata Communications.

This collaboration was announced at Alibaba Cloud’s Computing Conference in Shanghai on Saturday. It is particularly focused towards enterprise customers from over 150 countries, including India, who employ the services of Alibaba Cloud.

Under the deal, the global enterprises will now have immediate access to a secure connection between the Virtual Private Clouds (VPC), the Internet and end-users’ own networks.

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Tata joins hand with Alibaba!!

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