How to create FBI like Logon terminal in Windows 10

How to create FBI like Logon terminal in Windows 10

Back in July, Microsoft released Windows 10 to public. Unfortunately though, there is no way you can change the background image (default is the new Windows 10 hero image). It isn’t yet known if Microsoft will be adding an option to change the login screen background in the near future – thankfully though, there’s a new tool that lets you easily change the login screen background. Today we are going to show you how to use that tool to make FBI Like Logon terminal in your Windows 10 PC.

  1. Download our FBI wallpaper Collection and tool from here.
  2. Open up the .exe and follow the on-screen steps
  3. Once you’re inside the tool, you can select an image  as the background or choose a solid color
  4. Click on browse for an image if you want to choose a background image and select an image. (If you want to use the other Windows 10 wallpapers, navigate to C:WindowsWeb)
  5. And if you want to choose a solid color, just click on “Choose a color”, then select a color and click “OK”
  6. After that, click on Change Background and wait for the program to change the login image
  7. Log out and you should now have the new FBI login screen as the background the login screen

Follow our step-by-step video guide for better understanding:

Keep in mind, we are not liable if the program breaks something on your PC or even if it explodes (as the tool states) – if anything happens, we can’t do anything. Nonetheless, this is indeed a very amazing tool that I’ve been waiting for. Hopefully though, Microsoft will add the option to “officially” change the background sometime soon. Until then, tell us what you think of this tool in the comment section below!


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How to create FBI like Logon terminal in Windows 10

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