This is Spartan… on Windows 10 phones

One of the most important in Windows 10 features is Microsoft brand-new Internet browser that’s currently known as Project Spartan. The browser is already available to Windows 10 Insiders running the latest Technical Preview release version, and it looks like Windows phone users will also receive it in the near future, as some lucky testers are already using it.
Windows Blog Italia posted on YouTube a video showing a brief demo of Windows 10 on a Nokia phone in China, with Spartan being one of the available beta apps in it. Build 12534 of Windows 10 for phones apparently comes with Project Spartan enabled, although it’s not clear when Insiders will have access to it. However, it appears that the screenshots that leaked a few days ago – showing Spartan for phones – were real, as they showed the same user interface elements present in this video.

In addition to Project Spartan, the video shows other default Windows 10 apps in action, including Outlook Mail, although the actual demo is in Chinese, so you’ll have a hard time understanding what’s going on, unless you speak the language.

This first unofficial Spartan for Windows 10 video demo follows below.


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This is Spartan… on Windows 10 phones

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